Joy in the Journey - A look back at Dave & Joyce’s ministry throughout the years
Dave and Joyce Meyer
Joyce’s Festival of Life in Hyderabad, India
In 2008, more than 1.2 million people attended Joyce’s Festival of Life in Hyderabad, India. Approximately 400,000 accepted Christ!
Joyce Meyer sliding down a slide with children in Brazil
Joyce often takes time to have a little fun with the children at the outreaches she visits. Here she is in 2005 in Brazil.
Joyce, Dave and Ginger sitting together
What was it like to be a woman in ministry at that time?
Joyce Meyer recording in 1987
In 1987, Joyce began recording her radio program in a closet in the basement of their home.
Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer typing on a typewriter
When Dave and Joyce started their ministry, she personally responded to each and every letter they received. Today a staff of 40 help respond to tens of thousands of messages every month.
Joyce on stage speaking in front of a group
Joyce does “The Robot.” What about me…beep…beep!
Dave and Joyce spinning in circles with children in Uganda.
Dave and Joyce made time for a little fun in Uganda while visiting one of our ministry partners, Watoto.
Joyce Meyer holding a small baby
Joyce speaking into a bull horn in Cambodia
When local authorities turned off the power during Hope Cambodia in 2007, Joyce climbed a fence and used a bull horn to share her message with the crowd.
The reason I stand on these stages is to proclaim that God has made me whole. And if God will do it for me, He'll do it for you. You don't have to spend your life broken. - Joyce
Dave Meyer working the resources table
In addition to planning Joyce’s meetings and buying air time, Dave worked the resource tables and was responsible for all purchases and payroll.
Dave and Joyce praying together on stage
Dave and Joyce in 2003
Joyce’s first TV program aired on BET (Black Entertainment Television) and a few local Christian stations.
Early conferences were all within driving distance in this van. Joyce even tells of times when they would sleep in the van because they didn’t have money for a hotel.
Dave and Joyce together on stage
Dave is known to occasionally take the stage and set the record straight or tell of a few funny moments from their life together.
Joyce feeding children in Malawi
Joyce serves food at one of the Hand of Hope feeding programs in Malawi in 2011.
Dave and Joyce sitting on a coach holding some of their resources
Dave speaking at Women's Conference
Dave shares his heart for America’s Christian heritage at all of Joyce’s conferences (as well as in the Enjoying Everyday Life magazine).
Joyce speaking at an early conference in a hotel banquet center
Joyce’s early conferences were often held in hotel banquet centers. All of them organized and booked by Dave.
It’s very important to enjoy each part of your life—not just the ministry or the work part. And it’s especially important to enjoy your spouse if you’re married and allow them to be themselves. — Dave
Joyce praying with a young boy
Joyce laughing with a woman on stage
Joyce loves to share what God has done in the life of our partners.
Joyce leading a bible study in her home
After God called Joyce into ministry, she spent the first five years holding Bible studies in their home.
Joyce and Dave with a group of children in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 2010
The Meyer family
When Dave and Joyce started the ministry, they did it all with three teenagers and a little boy. Danny, the youngest, who was often seen crawling under the resource tables is now the CEO of Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Joyce hugging two girls rescued from human trafficking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Joyce with two of the first girls rescued from human trafficking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, through our partnership with Crisis Aid International.
Joyce Meyer in Cambodia
Joyce has shared that this trash dump in Cambodia, and seeing the people who live there, was one of the most heartbreaking places she’d ever been. It affected her so much that she asked her son to make sure the ministry helped in whatever way possible.
In 2015, Hand of Hope helped fund the new, special needs building in partnership with Christ Fellowship. This ministry helps over a hundred children with physical and developmental delays.
Joyce speaking at a prison in Rwanda in 2006.
Joyce speaks at a prison in Rwanda in 2006.
Rwanda 2006
Joyce hugging two girls in India
India 2008 – Joyce gave these two sweet girls their very first birthday cake!
Very few days go by that I don’t thank God for allowing me to teach the Word.— Joyce
Joyce and Dave Meyer
Dave Meyer
Through the years it was a journey of faith watching God open doors, like the opportunity to go on radio.
Joyce standing with a group of people showing the before and after on clean water Hand of Hope helped provide.
One outreach of Hand of Hope is providing fresh, clean water to communities worldwide.
Dave playing basketball with kids at the St. Louis Dream Center
Dave plays basketball with the kids at the St. Louis Dream Center, a church and outreach center Dave and Joyce founded in 2000.
Joyce holding a young Ethiopian boy
Joyce in Angacha, Ethiopia, in 2008. These families are part of a feeding program that is literally saving the lives of many every year.
Joyce Meyer serving food in India
Serving food in India in 2005
Joyce standing with an oversized version of Battlefield of the Mind
In 1995, Joyce wrote Battlefield of the Mind. This book continues to be one of her most popular and bestselling books.
In 1995, Joyce wrote Battlefield of the Mind, which is still her most popular book.
Joyce works on her teaching notes for a conference in 1997.
Joyce speaking on stage
I want to leave 100 big, solid books as a legacy to the body of Christ. A lot of the books I read now are 200 and 300 years old and they really help me, so I hope that after I’m gone these books will continue to help people. -Joyce
Joyce sucking on a pacifier
Joyce often uses funny props, no matter how silly, to get her messages across.
Joyce standing on a monster truck with Albert Pujols at a St. Louis Dream Center event
In 2005, Joyce joined then St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols to share at a St. Louis Dream Center event.
Joyce Meyer Ministries headquarters being built
Joyce Meyer Ministries headquarters in Fenton, Missouri, was built in 2001.
Joyce prepares for her first TV ad
Joyce prepares for her first TV ad.
Joyce Meyer in the main Enjoying Everyday Life studio
The current Enjoying Everyday Life set in Studio A. This past year a second set was added for the new weekly program, Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer.
Dave and Joyce breaking ground on the new ministry headquarters
Dave and Joyce break ground on the new ministry headquarters.

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